Are Anti Aging Creams Any Good And If So, How Do You Know Which To Choose?

As we age most of us will consider purchasing anti aging creams to help us combat the signs of aging. Unfortunately the aging process happens to each and every one of us. A cynic might quip that we age from the moment we are conceived, and they would be right, however depressing the thought may be. As the skin and body ages it runs a greater risk of sustaining injury. The skin, because it thins with age, is more fragile. The fat found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin is reduced, making the skin more at risk of injury. Not only is there a greater risk for injury but there is a reduction in the skin’s ability to recognize sensations such as pressure, touch, heat, cold, etc. This can place the skin at an even more increased risk of being injured, as well as the body itself.

Older people are susceptible to what are referred to as pressure ulcers, or more commonly, as bed sores. These occur due to a decrease in the fat of the subcutaneous layer as well as deficiency in the diet, not to mention other illnesses. The older the skin the longer it will take to heal from a wound. In fact, it is estimated that older skin might take as much as four times longer to recover from a wound than it would if the skin were still young. Of course, the speed at which a wound heals is also affected by other health issues, among them diabetes.

When buying anti aging creams it is important to remember that just because the advertisement promises remarkable results it does not necessarily mean that the product will deliver. Natural skin care products are the safer alternative but even then the ingredients contained within the product should be easily discoverable. However, no topical treatment will be nearly as effective as it could be if it is not accompanied by good nutrition as well. When you take care of the body the skin shows it by looking healthy and more youthful. Xtend-life’s range of supplements have been specially formulated to answer to the needs of the body, thereby helping in anti aging efforts as well.

The old adage, prevention is better than cure, rings true when it comes to the skin and keeping the signs of aging at bay. If you want to know which of the anti aging creams you should never leave home without it would be a good sunscreen with an SPF 30. The sun has been undeniably linked to many of the signs of aging as well as to different skin cancers, such as basil cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of skin cancer.

Taking care of the skin from a young age is important if you want to be able to weather the aging process well. You also need to understand that healthy skin comes from a healthy body. If you take care of your body’s nutritional needs the skin will benefit as a result. Making smart choices when it comes to skincare is another important factor so be sure to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals and choose a natural based product wherever possible.


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