Caring for Delicate Under Eye Skin: Tips to Help You Look Younger

caring for delicate under eye skin

The area around your eyes is more delicate and sensitive than skin anywhere else on your body. It’s thinner and has many sensitive nerve endings. This means that your delicate under eye skin also shows the signs of aging more quickly than almost any other area on your body. When not cared for properly, this skin can sag, wrinkle and darken, making you look years older than you really are. Fortunately, the right care routine and the correct products can do a lot to help you keep this area looking fresh.

Gentle Treatment

Delicate under eye skin takes gentle handling. That means using a soft touch to apply cleanser, moisturizers, cosmetics and other substances. It also means avoiding scrubbing motions and getting rid of the tendency to rub or pick at your eyes. When you aren’t gentle enough, you stretch and irritate the skin, increasing the chance of sagging or wrinkling.

Reducing Damage

Your fingers aren’t the only things that can damage your skin. Many people do severe damage to the area around and under their eyes every day, by exposing this skin to the sun, smoking, or simply failing to get enough sleep. When you allow this tender skin to be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, you cause it to look dull and develop deep lines. Damaging influences come into contact with your skin every day, making it important to take steps against them immediately.

Choosing Cosmetics

Because the under eye area has special care needs, you can’t simply use the same cosmetics you choose for the rest of your face. Products made specifically for use around the eyes will irritate the skin and your eyes less than ordinary makeup. They also have a thinner consistency and are less likely to cake or produce other unattractive results. Many under eye products even include a little sunscreen to help reduce the risk of damage over time.

Healing the Skin

While it would be ideal if everyone could prevent damage to the delicate skin under their eyes entirely, this isn’t possible for most people. If you’ve been left with damage from sunlight, exposure to smoke or air pollution, sleepless nights or the wrong products, you’re not alone. Many other people find themselves wondering how to repair the damage to their under eye area. The answer lies in gentle wrinkle-fighting products made specifically for use on this delicate skin.

One excellent option is Eye Contour Serum, a special healing product made to reduce puffiness, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve circulation to this sensitive skin. Clinical studies show that the combination of essential peptides decrease under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles, helping to heal even long-term damage. When used along with smart care routines, this kind of product can help you return your delicate skin to a younger, healthier state.