Manuka Honey: What Is It and How Can It Help You Look Younger?

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You might think of honey primarily as something to sweeten your tea, but it can do a lot more if you use it correctly. Manuka honey, made from the nectar of the Australian and New Zealand manuka or broom tea tree, has strong antibacterial properties and promotes healthy skin. This makes it an integral part of effective anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting treatments. Here’s a look at some of what this honey can do for you, as well as its importance in Maxalife’s NeuCell anti-wrinkle products.

Benefits of Honey

Honey has historically been used not just to sweeten food, but also as a natural medicine. This substance has been proven effective for injuries, burns, ulcers and stomach ailments. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, since its very low water content keeps bacteria from living in it. When diluted, honey produces hydrogen peroxide, keeping wounds clean.

This natural substance can do more than just heal injuries or reduce stomach discomfort, however. Some mono-floral varieties have age-fighting capabilities, too. Honey produced from the manuka tree, a relative of the more famous tea tree, has stronger effects than many mixed honeys or products made from other flowers.

How Manuka Honey Is Different

This dark, strongly-flavored honey includes large amounts of methylglyoxal, a natural substance produced during the breakdown of some foods. Methylglyoxal is also called MGO and produces a strong antibacterial effect. It helps fight the bacteria that naturally live on the skin’s surface. Since these bacteria are responsible for blemishes and a number of other skin problems, the MGO content can keep skin healthier and promote faster healing. Other honeys have some anti-bacterial properties, but in honey from manuka flowers, the effect is amplified.

Benefits of Manuka in Skin Care Products

Many skin care products, especially anti-aging creams, contain antibacterial ingredients designed to encourage faster healing. Many of these substances are lab-made and harsh on your skin, however. They can cause as many problems as they solve, making them a poor choice for people who want their skin to look fresh and young.

Manuka, by comparison, is natural and comes with no side effects. Derived only from the flowers of the manuka tree and the natural labor of bees, this honey is easy to obtain, affordable as an ingredient, and safe to use for years at a time. It has proven antibacterial properties that can rival those of more expensive chemical ingredients, but it produces no side effects in most people. When combined with other natural ingredients like lanolin, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and ovine placenta extra, this honey acts to heal damaged skin and reduce wrinkles. NeuCell offers all these healing benefits in one convenient product.

When You Should Avoid This Honey

While this natural ingredient causes no problems in most people who use it, manuka-derived honey can be dangerous for a few. People who have an existing allergy to tea tree or manuka oil or pollen should be cautious when trying products made with honey from these plants, since many of the same substances in the plant make their way into the honey.