What Determines Facial Attraction?

how to improve facial attraction

Whenever you encounter someone, either through introduction, or in passing, facial attraction is going to come into play. Either you will be attracted to the other person’s facial features, or you will not. Based upon what you see you will determine your first impression of the person. Thereafter, if interaction is possible, your impression will expand to include additional information that you have gleaned about the person. Throughout the process your like or dislike of the individual will be determined. Therefore it is quite clear that the way we look is important to our social interactions no matter what others may say. Oh sure, what is on the inside is more important, however to get to learn about what is on the inside, we have to get past what is on the outside. If our likes and dislikes in the physical side of things are not met, chances are we will not stick around long enough to get to learn about what the person is actually like once you get to know them.

Some might say that this is the wrong stance to take, but it is the experience of most people and there are studies to confirm it. Studies conducted by top universities and colleges have confirmed that those who are attractive are more likely to experience a positive job interview than those who are not, to cite one example. This means that the more attractive applicant is likely to be favored over the less attractive applicant based solely upon their looks to a large extent, even if their resume is not quite as impressive. Disturbing, yes, but it is the way it is. Some would say, it’s human nature and that’s that.

Since we have established the fact that looks play a major role in our social interactions it follows that we should want to take care of our appearance. Good hygiene is essential but so is good skin care. Without proper skin care the skin is going to show the signs of aging prematurely, leading to you looking your age or worse, older than you are in reality!

From the day we are born our skin is being bombarded. It protects us from all sorts of things but it also needs a degree of protection if it is to function properly and therefore look its best as well. Anti-aging treatments abound but what many people do not realize is that taking care of the internal is vital to taking care of the external. Facial attraction, therefore, starts with a healthy body.

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