Could Your Sleep Be Even More Relaxing and Rejuvenating for Your Body?


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When you wake up from a night of seemingly restful sleep, does your face still look tired? If you suffer from dark circles, fine lines, dull skin or undesirable sagging, you’re not alone. Over time, our bodies lose the ability to restore themselves during sleep. While a little bit of rest might have been enough to make you look and feel fresh during your teens and 20s, its effects can decrease as you get older. That means that the damage of stress, weather, pollutants and other factors gets slowly harder and harder to undo. We end up looking a lot older and more tired than we really feel.

No one has to feel like a prisoner of age, however. Even though your body is losing its almost magical ability to recover overnight, rest can still do a lot to replenish you. The key is to help it along by using gentle, healthy ingredients that boost your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate. You’ll go from feeling as though you’ve lost something when you wake up in the morning to having fresher, brighter skin with plenty of bounce. There’s no magic spell that can completely turn back time, but a product like Xtend-Life restorative night cream can do a lot to help.

How Sleep Rejuvenates Your Skin

Getting your beauty sleep is more than just an old cliché. Most people notice that when they cut back their sleep to get more done, they look a lot older and more tired. When you get enough, however, you look healthier and brighter. That’s because sleep is your body’s natural way of repairing all the damage you experience during the day.

While you’re in bed, your body starts experiencing all kinds of metabolic and hormonal changes. New skin cells grow much more quickly, replacing the old ones. Your body also produces collagen and elastin, two substances that are responsible for keeping your skin supple and firm. Lots of human growth hormone enters your system, too, encouraging every part of you to renew itself. Sleep helps your body produce more hyaluronic acid, which protects your body from damage while you’re awake. People who get good quality sleep even recover from sunburn faster.

Is Your Sleep Losing Its Effects?

Sometimes, your beauty sleep might seem not to provide the benefits it used to. If you’re in this situation, you’re not imagining things! As we get older, our bodies stop producing as much growth hormone. That means that it’s harder for them to start the repair process. Less gets done overnight, and our skin starts to suffer. The result can be a less even skin tone, reduced elasticity, bags under the eyes, fine lines and a lot more. While you can’t make your body produce more growth hormone, you can assist it by preventing damage at night.

The Right Assistance for Your Body

There’s no reason for anyone to have to put up with damaged, tired-looking skin when there are ways to reduce the problem. By using a gentle, natural skin care regimen and providing all the support your body needs at night, you can help boost the rejuvenating process. The right products will help stimulate regrowth of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin while fighting damaging free radicals. Encouraging your body to produce these important substances is far more effective than simply applying them directly to the skin. By boosting the natural processes, you can renew your body’s ability to heal itself, creating new, more beautiful skin on a nightly basis.

Choosing High Quality Ingredients

Not all skin care products intended for night use will actually help your skin look and feel better. Some will actually cause damage, irritating delicate tissues or clogging pores. You have to look for a product formulated with high quality natural ingredients if you want to really do the best for your skin. Some of the most beneficial options for night use include:

  • Avocado Oil – This hydrating natural oil is extremely compatible with human skin. Instead of sitting on the surface of your skin, it can be effectively absorbed. It has also been shown to increase the amount of soluble collagen in your skin, allowing it to be softer and look younger.
  • Babassu wax – Derived from Babassu palm kernels grown in the Brazilian Amazon, babassu wax is a traditional skin soothing treatment. It works well for people with dry, normal and oil complexions and helps seal in moisture without clogging pores or creating an oily feeling. Babassu wax actually helps keep grime and dirt away from your delicate tissues and can sooth inflamed or itchy areas.
  • Bioactive keratin – Keratin is the most common protein in skin, hair and nails. It’s often used in topical treatments. Unfortunately, most keratin treatments are hard for your body to use. That’s why it’s important to choose a bio-active form of keratin like Xtend-TK. This type of ingredient is easier for your body to use in the creation of new skin cells. It also helps provide extra moisture.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – This compound appears naturally in every cell in our bodies, so why should we need more? The truth is that coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, production decreases with age. Since this compound has been shown to help heal the body in a range of situations from diabetes to gum disease, that poses a problem. When used in a night cream, this substance helps encourage collagen and elastin production while decreasing the damage from free radicals. It works best in nano-emulsion forms like Nano-lipobelle, which penetrate deeply.
  • Manuka honey – Manuka honey comes from the Australian and New Zealand manuka plant. It has surprising antimicrobial properties that help stimulate the immune system and decrease blemishes.
  • Sea kelp extract – Sea kelp contains a substance that can promote more hyaluronic acid in your skin by fighting the chemicals that break it down. In the form of phytessence wakame, this extract can give you youthful levels of this beneficial acid.
  • Shea butter – Rich and moisturizing, shea butter softens the skin and smooths out wrinkles. It also decreases scarring.
  • Vitamin E – A traditional anti-scarring treatment, vitamin E has also been shown to fight oxidative damage and prevent age spots.

Why Use Separate Night and Day Creams?

The rejuvenating processes of sleep don’t happen without some side effects. One common one is loss of moisture. Your body loses about a quarter more water at night than it does in the daytime, which can be bad for your skin in the long run. Fight this effect by applying a barrier product that will help seal in that moisture and nourish your skin. Creams you use at night can be heavier and richer, offering plenty of soothing benefits that you won’t find in your average daytime moisturizer.

You Can Revitalize your Skin!

If you’re feeling like age is catching up with you, it’s time to try something different. Augment your beauty & sleep with safe, natural ingredients that will boost your body’s inherent rejuvenation abilities. Products like Xtend-Life Restorative Night Cream can take away that tired look.