Know the Signs of Skin Aging and Damage

Everyone ages a little bit differently, but even with all our differences, we have some commonalities. You can expect to see some of the same aging symptoms even if your family tends to look younger than their age. The signs of skin aging and damage are similar across race and ethnicity, despite different diets and lifestyles, and even among people whose health differs. Learning to understand them can help you find out how to prevent and even reverse the damage. Here’s a look at the basics.

Thinning Skin

As we get older, our skin tends to thin and stretch. It still covers the same area, but there are many fewer cells to do the job. This can lead to a parchment-like look. Your skin might be more fragile and tend to be dry. It’s also easier to bruise, since there’s less to cushion delicate blood vessels. This can result in dark marks or circles under the eyes. Thinning skin isn’t inevitable, though. The right products can slow it down and keep your face looking younger and healthier.

Loss of Fat

Aging can cause a loss of fat in certain areas of the face, like the temples and cheeks. Loss of fat around the eyes can make you seem tired-looking. It also makes parts of the face look a lot thinner. Some people lose other tissues, including bone and cartilage. That can make the skin around the mouth look puckered and the nose seem droopy or soft. These changes don’t happen all at once, so it can take a little bit of time to notice them. You might not even realize it until you compare a recent picture to one taken many years ago. While it’s not possible to stop tissue loss, you can do things to plump up the skin and improve your appearance.

Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and creases often appear as early as your 30s. These happen because the loss of collagen and elastin keep the skin from bouncing back the way it once did. Your smallest expressions can begin to leave a mark in your face. You might see little lines beside your nose or at the corners of your mouth at first. They’ll soon start to appear on your cheeks and temples, too. Over time, these lines will eventually deepen into permanent wrinkles. The job of your anti-aging products is to slow that process down.

Drooping and Sagging

The loss of elasticity in your skin can also allow gravity to take its toll. Over time, your eyelids, eyebrows, jaw and throat might seem to droop and sag. You might even see your earlobes getting a little longer. It’s hard to fight gravity directly, of course, but a good anti-aging product like Derma Q-Gel Co-Q10 Wrinkle Defense Cream can help improve elasticity, making it harder for gravity to do its damage.