Uncovering Your Inner Youth and Beauty the Safe



Do you worry about your skin? If you’re like many of us, you’re concerned by the growing number of wrinkles and fine lines you see in the mirror. You might also worry about dullness and flaking, a blemished complexion, or even skin that just looks tired. These common complaints are actually easy to fix; it all comes down to choosing a regular, gentle care routine and using the right cleansers. A simple change could make all the difference for your skin.


Your Soap Could Be Hurting Your Skin

If you’ve been washing your face with soap, you might be doing a lot of damage. Many body washes and shower scrubs could be harming your skin, too. These cleansers are made to be used on the tougher skin of your hands and body. They remove built-up oils, dead cells and all kinds of debris. Most of them are far too strong for use on your face, however. When you choose this kind of cleanser for the delicate skin around your eyes or across your cheeks, it can pull out important moisture. The resulting dryness can do a lot of serious damage.

When your skin lacks the natural oils that keep it moist and supple, a lot of things start to happen. The upper layer of cells becomes more likely to die, resulting in itching, flakiness and a duller appearance. Your skin might lose its ability to stay supple and soft. It could seem leathery or begin to sag and wrinkle. Those natural oils are easily stripped away by soaps and body cleansers, leaving skin looking and feeling much older and less attractive. By choosing a cleanser that has been specially designed to gently remove only dirt and undesirable oil, you can retain moisture and keep your face looking and feeling much better.

The Benefits of Gentle Care

Scrubbing and scouring your face is the worst thing you can do, even if you suffer from clogged pores or acne. The same thing applies to harsh cleansers and oil-removing products. They do a lot of damage to your skin. These techniques and products can even make the original problem worse. After all, when you scrub to remove dead skin, it just encourages your face to create a thicker upper layer of cells. When you remove skin moisture with tough chemical surfactants, your body makes more oil to compensate.

The key to avoiding these issues is the gentle approach. No one wants to deal with scaly skin or lots of oil, but there are gentle ways to exfoliate and remove grime without causing harm. By using a light touch and relying on formulas that are kind to your skin cells, you’ll help your skin stay young and fresh looking. Plus, you’ll reduce itching, dryness, tight-feeling skin and other undesirable issues.

Uncovering Your Beauty

You can look a lot better than you might think. If you’ve been relying on conventional cleansers or products that aren’t right for your skin, it’s very possible to look older and more tired than you really are. When you change to a natural solution and a gentle approach, you can actually uncover your natural beauty. The best products promote the formation of soft, supple skin and reduce the risk of acne, wrinkles and other unattractive features.

By removing built-up grime and dead skin without causing damage, you’ll be able to give your true face a chance to shine. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you’ll be amazed by how much fresher your skin looks and feels. If you’ve been worried about the damage of time and the elements, a gentle approach might be exactly the thing your face has been asking for.

Why Natural Ingredients Matter

If you’ve been buying cleansers intended for use on your face, but they’re still leaving your skin feeling dry or irritated, the problem might be the ingredients. Chemical cleansing agents and preservatives can do a number on delicate tissues. Poor quality lab-made moisturizers end up producing greasy residues that weigh down your skin. A properly-balanced cleanser uses natural ingredients designed to nourish your skin without harming it. XtendLife foaming facial cleanser relies on a careful blend of natural products, optimized via scientific methods, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Your face will benefit from:

  • Natural manuka honey – This unique honey comes from Australian manuka plants and offers antibacterial properties and a unique scent. Its moisturizing and antioxidant effects mean that it can help keep your skin in beautiful condition. Manuka honey can even reduce your risk of acne!
  • Kiwifruit extract – The humble fuzzy kiwifruit has a lot to offer your face. In the form of a unique OxiFend formula, this little fruit helps defend against the aging effects of free radicals. It has also been shown to rebalance skin pH, allowing you to eliminate toner products from your day to day cleansing ritual. This kiwifruit extract adds to the honey’s moisture-retention abilities, helping your skin stay soft and supple.
  • Coconut-based cleansing agents – Most facial cleansers and soaps rely on petroleum-derived surfactants. These are the same cleansing agents you use on your clothes and your dishes! You might be surprised by the number of incredibly harsh ingredients you’ll see in your usual cleansers. Coconut-based options are still similar in function, but they can be a lot gentler to your skin. They’re also less likely to seriously irritate people with sensitive skin.
  • Natural essential oils – If you’re tired of smelling heavy, artificial fragrances during your daily cleansing routine, then it might be time for a natural alternative. Essential oils provide a plant-based fragrance option that supports the moisturizing action of manuka honey and similar ingredients. They also give gentle cleansers a delicate scent that won’t feel overpowering or irritating.
  • Natural foaming effects – The rich, foamy texture of this cleanser gives it more than just a luxurious feel. It also helps your face feel fresh and clean, even after a hard day. Enjoy the spa-like experience offered by these natural foaming ingredients, then wash your face clean for a soft, radiant complexion.

Give Your Face the Gentle Love It Needs

Your delicate skin withstands all kinds of harsh environmental factors. You shouldn’t add to the irritants during your care routine. Instead of relying on soaps and scrubs, turn to XtendLife foaming facial cleanser for the gentle, natural cleansing your face has been waiting for. You’ll be surprised at how much a little change in your routine can do for your ability to look and feel healthier and younger. Say goodbye to dullness, tired-looking skin and excessive dryness.

Let your natural beauty shine through with a Foaming Facial Cleanser you can trust.