What Are The Main Causes Of Snoring?

Snoring is a common ailment that many people suffer from. You may be the one who is snoring, or you may be the one who has to try and sleep through it. Snoring could possibly impact marriages. Both snorers and the people who love them can benefit from the information about snoring in this article.

Snoring can be caused by one or more conditions, and it is important to learn what the culprit for your snoring is. As an example, medical problems can lead to snoring and if the health problems are left untreated, the snoring will not become better. It could actually become worse.

To help combat snoring, many people benefiting from sleeping propped up on two or three pillows, almost sleeping in a sitting position. This will help stop the nose from getting stuffed with mucus, and will allow your nose to stay clear. You should not snore at all in this position.

Sleeping Pills

Taking sleeping pills can cause you to snore, but not taking them can reduce your snoring. Part of the way that sleeping pills work is by relaxing the muscles throughout your body. The muscles that keep your nasal passage open will lose their ability to do that, leading to a narrower nasal passage. This leads to snoring, not the result you were looking for!

If you are snoring regularly, review your prescriptions with your physician. If you notice snoring begins or increases after beginning prescription medications, talk with your doctor. Medicines like antihistamines, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills tend to relax your muscles, and one consequence can be a restricted airway. Snoring is caused by restricted airways.

Exercise often to reduce the intensity of your snoring. If you exercise, you’ll begin breathing more regularly. This can help prevent or reduce snoring. The exercise helps in two ways. Your stress is reduced, and your breathing system is kept in tip-top shape. Breathing patterns can be affected when you are under high amounts of stress, and this could increase the possibility of snoring.

Stop smoking, and you might stop snoring as well. If quitting doesn’t work, ensure that you don’t smoke within two hours of your bedtime. Smoking irritates the tissue in your throat, causing it to swell and restrict your airways. Once this occurs your snoring will get worse, so avoid cigarettes after dinner, if possible.

Side sleeping is a great way to prevent snoring. Laying on your back increases the amount of snoring you do while you sleep. However, sleeping on the stomach is not recommended as it can put stress on your neck. Due to this, sleeping on one side is the best option.

Eating less during evening meals, can help to reduce snoring. Eating large amounts before bedtime fills your stomach. This causes your diaphragm to be pushed up into your throat. This increased pressure can cause your throat to be blocked. Less airflow and a narrow throat are conditions that often promote snoring.

As has already been mentioned, snoring affects a lot of people. Thin walls are not able to block the sound of heavy snorers. These tips can help you battle your snoring and give you more peaceful nights.