Skin Toners – Is it Essential for Skincare?

Human skin is the largest part in the body. Just as you need to maintain other body parts healthy through various methods like exercise & other physical activities, healthy eating habits, proper nourishment for overall health & wellbeing, care for your eyes, teeth & gums, your skin also needs proper care and nourishment.

As a matter of fact, even though skin is the largest part in the body, it is the most neglected, under-nourished and / or over-exposed to the elements.

On the matter of skincare, I would recommend natural and organic remedies instead of chemical based skincare products. That is because, many a time, chemicals may induce adverse reactions on the skin either immediately or after prolonged use.

Skincare products based on organic and natural ingredients ensure that skin gets the gentle treatment that it deserves.

In one’s skincare regimen, I believe that skin toners definitely play a vital role. Let us see what to avoid and what to use in terms of toning.

  • Avoid alcohol based toners. Toners based on drying alcohol may seem to improve oily skin but, in fact, in the long run the problem of oily skin may get aggravated.
  • Alcohol based toners may also lead to breakouts and pimples.
  • Sometimes toners and astringents are referred to interchangeably. Astringents are always alcohol based but, of late, toners are not necessarily alcohol based.
  • Toners help maintain skin’s acidic balance.
  • Even after using a cleanser, some make-up may be left behind. A mild toner, used after cleansing, will help in removing the residual make-up from your skin.
  • A non-alcohol based toner that is gentle on your skin may help in hydrating your skin and moisturize it after cleansing. This may result in reduction in the requirement of a moisturizer or even entirely skip the need for a moisturizer, especially in the case of oily skin.

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