Is Marijuana Beneficial To Health?

Many countries have banned or restricted the use of Marijuana or weed as it is considered an illegal drug. Disorientation, paranoia, bloodshot eyes, racing heart, anxiety, memory loss, depression and difficulty in remembering & thinking are some of the negative health effects of marijuana.

Despite all the ill effects of marijuana as stated above, more and more research is throwing up a great many positive effects of using medical marijuana.

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is obtained from unprocessed organic cannabis plant and the pure extracts of this plant are used to treat various ailments. Medicinal-grade marijuana plant has a higher concentration of CBD and a lower concentration of THC. The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol and that of THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol.

The Cannabinoids and terpenes found in Medical Cannabis talk to the cannabinoid receptors found in various parts of our body. Ongoing and extensive research done on the effects of medical cannabis on the human body has been revealing seriously encouraging results on the positive effects of medical marijuana on the human body as well as in treating various ailments.

Positive Effects Of Medical Cannabis?

Some of the known positive effects of consuming medical cannabis in medically administered doses are:

  1. Treatment for Glaucoma
  2. Chemotherapy treatment’s ill effects are lessened
  3. Brain protection against traumatic injury and concussion
  4. Protection for people suffering from PTSD
  5. Helps in treating autoimmune disorder known as Lupus
  6. Helps in reduction of anxiety
  7. Helps in treating dystonia
  8. Effective in mood disorders
  9. Effective in treating multiple sclerosis
  10. Treating Neuropathy or nerve damage
  11. Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  12. Effective in treating chronic back pain
  13. Stimulates appetite especially for HIV/AIDS patients
  14. Cannabis has been found to play a role in better mental health

A strange effect of medical marijuana is that it causes weight gain in underweight or anorexic individuals whereas it does not induce weight gain in normal or overweight individuals.

Considering the various positive effects of Medical Cannabis, let us hope that this will be legally allowed to be used for medicinal purposes by more and more countries.

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