The Benefits Of Using An Open-Faced MRI Machine

One of the biggest reasons patients give as to why they avoid going to the doctor’s office is that they dislike having to lay in an enclosed MRI machine. Many feel a sense of claustrophobia when entering into such a device. Luckily, they now have the option of using an open mri machine which can help alleviate some of the fears patients may feel. Here are some of the benefits of using one.

1. Even if the patient does not suffer from claustrophobia, they may still be unable to use the machine if they are heavier or stockier. Overweight patients have long been unable to use MRI machines in the traditional sense and some have even faced the humiliating prospect of having to use a machine that was originally designed for livestock.

2. One thing that doctors and medical examiners do not care for about the open-faced MRI machines is the fact they have less power than do the traditional enclosed MRI machines. However, unless the test specifically calls for a very deep-tissue analysis, then the lower power that the open-face model brings should not really be a problem in terms of testing being done.

3. Hospital administrators will be happy to know that the bottom line of the hospital is positively affected when it comes to using an open mri machine. This is because the upfront costs to operate the machine and the maintenance costs are much lower than those associated with closed MRI machines.

As you can see, there are a great many benefits that one can glean from using an open-faced MRI machine. What may work for some may not always work for others but in the case of these types of MRI machines, the more is truly the merrier.

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