The Importance of an Implant After Root Canal

Your parents always asked you to brush your teeth at least twice a day. They weren’t being authoritarian dictators. Rather, they understood the importance of healthy teeth. Without proper brushing, and the dreaded flossing many kids hated, that could lead to some problematic issues.

Minor to Major

The most minor of these is cavities. Although, the drilling and novocaine are pretty major to some. From there, it moves up to gingivitis, gum disease, and the very painful gum infection. Further neglect of your teeth can lead to nerve damage and, eventually, a root canal.

Post root canal

When a dead tooth is removed it leaves a gap. Without something to fill it in, the healthy teeth can begin to converge or separate. Thus, a previously perfect smile can start to look crooked. To avoid this, something needs to be placed in the empty spot to not only avoid this shifting but also to maintain your smile.

Welcome the implant

The implant is an artificial tooth molded to fit into the empty space. Once created, it is inserted into the gum with a post. Though its enamel is pre-treated ahead of time, it is polished with the original teeth in order to match their color.

Learning more about implants

Thanks to the internet, implant dentistry journal platforms are open to all readers. While sites like have more technical documents, many of the articles provide the newest information on implant innovations and creation technology.

Your local dentist is another place to gather information. In fact, before anything is done to fill those empty spaces, you want to get answers to all the questions you have on the process. In some cases, what they do could differ from what you have read or heard from others with implants.

Are implants covered by dental insurance?

Speak to your insurance company for a complete answer. Some organizations provide full coverage for serious medical issues. Others cover a percentage of the procedure. You also want to speak to the person building or inserting the implant to see what discounts they have available.

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