Sober Living is the Next Step in Your Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is a long and difficult process that continues to affect your life even after you complete a treatment program. Nearing the completion of a rehab program can even cause a recovering addict to feel fear and apprehension as they’re faced with returning to society. This can be an overwhelming experience, which is why sober living homes, or recovery houses, are so vital to a recovering addict’s continued success.

The option of moving into a recovery house Rockville MD following treatment provides an opportunity to transition back into society more gradually. While a recovery house does establish rules for its residents, it’s far less strict than the addiction treatment facility and allows residents to live more freely. This helps them to adjust to living in society, where there will be a more frequent exposure to substance abuse triggers.

Sober living facilities also provide the peer support that helps recovering addicts resist cravings. Group support meetings are typically hosted in the home or at a nearby facility, so each resident has the positive reinforcement they need to resist relapses. Additionally, many recovery homes connect their residents with community resources for one on one counseling opportunities, which are also vital to their continued recovery.

While living in the recovery house, residents are encouraged to rebuild their lives. This is just a temporary stop, intended to serve as a bridge between rehab and their return to a normal lifestyle. The recovery house provides temporary shelter, while the recovering addict seeks employment, arranges for more permanent housing, and rebuilds relationships. Residents are also encouraged to pursue spiritual counseling and to continue engaging in healthy outlets for relieving stress.

It’s not easy to rebuild one’s life, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Making use of a sober living community provides the support that can make that process a little easier. Recovering addicts who make use of a sober living house are far less likely to suffer a relapse than those who return to society without this kind of help. For the majority, this is an essential step that makes addiction recovery a more successful experience.

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